Not a day passes at the Google Play Store when no game receives an update or gets released. We try to bring you some of the significant news and updates regarding popular games and apps. Today we chose to present a couple of major updates and a few promising newcomers.

Shop Heroes has been updated in the last couple of days, and this encouraged us to take a look at the game, and indeed it was a good idea. The game is definitely not another generic clone, as it focuses on players creating fantasy-themed shops with hired workers and crafted items. This game is surely worth a try.

Shop Heroes

Next up is Little Bandits from Kongregate that has been updated yesterday, bringing a new event and some minor fixes. Once again, Little Bandits is also a unique game, set in the Wild West, bringing the combination of cute characters and RPG playstyle.

Another significant update occurred to Marvel Future Fight, that added new content, the previously discussed heroes of Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, new chapters, skins and a variety of exciting missions. The game is extremely popular with millions of players around the world.

As for new releases, Crafty Candy, a puzzle adventure game from Outplay, that is somewhat similar to Candy Crush, has popped up in the Google Play Store recently along with QuickBoy from Netmarble, which is a post-apocalyptic zombie themed game.


This week’s most popular games are Iron Man 3, Jurassic World, Fast & Furious: Legacy and Blitz Brigade.

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Thanks for reading our latest Google Play Store updates, more related news are coming soon!