Google Play Store 7.1.11 APK download is officially available for your Android devices and it’s quite important that you download such core updates because your device will only be in a better position later down the road. This is because when you purchase a new Android device, the presence of the Google Play Store is a very important factor to the expansion of the app ecosystem.

Continue to download the latest APK files for your device and you’ll continue to show you undivided support for the developers stationed around the world attempting to make millions of apps in quick succession, along with releasing their important updates.

Google Play Store 7.1.11. APK Download Now Available: Here Are the Changes Added

Always keep in mind that without the Play Store, the entire operating system presented by Google would have been 6 feet under. The store houses a ton of applications, so it’s extremely important that the platform stays updated in order to protect unaware users from what they are downloading. Most of the time, these apps are highly dangerous, which is why it is completely necessary for you to download the latest Google Play Store APK updates so that the updated system can remove these bad apps permanently and only leave the better apps intact.

As for the Google Play Store 7.1.11 update, it carries a size of just 17.12MB, which will easily be able to get installed on your Android smartphone. Google has not released any changelog for the update, so we assume that the latest update brings just minor bug fixes and performance enhancements. The update is available on Keep this fact in mind before downloading, you will need Android 4.0 running at the bare minimum for the app to be compatible with your smartphone or tablet.


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