All the Android smartphones and tablets in this world come with the Google Play Store app pre-installed, so that users can download and install their favourite apps easily without any fuss. The Play Store app flaunts a simple yet modern design so that it becomes very easy for users to find what they are looking for.

google play store apk download

Apart from offering apps, the Play Store also lets you download books and movies. Also, the app comes with preferences that you can set for allowing the apps to get updated automatically, using itineraries from Gmail for app suggestions, parental controls, etc. Well, all these features have been added and polished through updates that are released by the developers over regular intervals. One such update has been released today.

The Google Play Store APK has been given a new update with version number 6.4.12. There’s no changelog with this new release, so we can’t really say what’s changed or if there’s anything new at all. However, we are sure that this is just a minor update with behind-the-scene improvements and bug fixes. Do note that this is a stable release, and it is important to keep the Google Play Store app updated for smooth app experiences.

The Google Play Store 6.4.12 APK download file weighs 15.07 MB and works on all Android 4.0+ devices. You can download Google Play Store APK latest version for Android from the source link mentioned below.


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