Let’s accept it- we always neglect the Google Play Store app, which lets us download and update our favourite apps on our Android smartphones. It’s true that the Play Store app updates itself, but there are instances when you accidentally uninstall the updates or want to get a fresh, clean install of all the apps, including the Play Store app. That’s when you need the Google Play Store APK download file.

google play store apk download

The developers behind the app keep releasing new updates for the Play Store app every few days, and it is a good idea to install all those updated versions to be on the smoothest and the most stable version. The latest update for the Google Play Store APK released today comes with version number 6.3.20. The APK download file weighs 14.7 MB and it is compatible with all Android 4.0+ devices.

Of course, when you download Google Play Store APK v6.3.20, you will not find any immediate changes or new features. Instead, it’s mostly under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes made for the overall speed improvement and more stability. You can download the latest update by going to the source link below. It is safe and signed by Google, and it’s a stable release, so you don’t need to worry about bugs.

Do comment below in case you find anything new in the update.


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