While the Google Play Store helps you install apps and get updates for them when available, the Play Store app for Android itself needs to be updated regularly. Over the time, the Play Store has gone major design overhauls and is now very stable and smooth. Though the developers at Google are very hard-working and they keep releasing new updates for the app every few days.


The Google Play Store has been updated to version 6.3.13 yesterday, and the latest Google Play Store APK download file weighs 14.61 MB. The update works with all Android 4.0+ smartphones and tablets.

No changes have been made to the app so far, and the update does not bring any new features. But every update is important however small it might be, as each update makes the app more stable and speedier than the previous one. We are exploring the update to notice the visible changes and will update here once we are ready with the changelog. You can download Play Store 6.3.13 APK from APKMirror.

The last significant addition to the Play Store was the new “Use itineraries from Gmail” option in the settings of the Play Store app. When this feature is enabled, all your itineraries from the Gmail inbox are pulled, and if there are any upcoming trips, the Play Store will give you app recommendations accordingly. It will suggest you apps related to travel, food, translation, etc.


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