Play Store betas is a great way to quickly gain access to the new features added on to your favorite apps. Now, the search engine giant has started the beta program for Google Play Services and Gboard to allow users to test their new features.

Google Play Services includes a wide range of features and services. Users have to wait longer to try its new versions. However, by joining the beta program, all the new features of Play Services can be accessed as early as possible.

Users can visit this page to enroll to test the beta version of Google Play services. Once on the page, users can simply click on “Become a tester” button and then start receiving beta updates. It will install the latest beta version v10.5. Its stable version is v10.2 By becoming a part of the Google Play Services, users may have a chance to receive updates to Google Assistant among other features faster than other users.

Gboard was launched in December 2016 to replace the Google Keyboard. It offers a refreshed way to send messages or make notes. Users can get its latest beta by joining its beta program from this link. After enrolling with beta program, it will install the latest beta version of v6.1. The stable version of Gboard is v6.0. If a device does not have Gboard preinstalled, users will have to go to Google Play Store to manually download the app.

One should be aware of the fact, beta versions can contain bugs. Hence, it is advisable to try it on a secondary device. However, since Google is making the beta available for the public to download, it may not be that buggy. If a user wants to exit the beta program, one can navigate to “Leave the program”.


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