The Google Play Store gives you access to millions of apps, but you can’t just download and run those apps on their own. Some system components are required to support those apps and add important functions to them. One of the, or rather, the most important component required by Android apps is Google Play Services.

Google Play Services is needed by most of the apps in the Google Play Store. This component offers functionalities like authentication to your Google accounts and services. It improves gaming and app experiences and provides more immersive maps. In case this component is outdated or not working properly, it crashes again and again, thus making the app that’s using it crash.

Google Play Services Version 9.6.83 Available to Download in APK

So you should definitely download Google Play Services APK latest version for Android and install it on your Android smartphones and tablets. The latest Google Play Services update carries version number 9.8.75 and weighs 47.11 MB. The component can be installed on devices running Android 5.0 or later. This is a stable version and not a beta build, so you can install it without any issues.

Remember that uninstalling Google Play Services can cause lots of apps to not work. So make sure you keep it updated for great app experience. You can download Google Play Services latest version from


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