Google Play Services is a mandatory component that should be present in your Android phones, and what’s more is that it should be running up-to-date. Android devices not only run on apps but they also require various system components for important functions and surprise, one of those important components is Google Play Services.

In a nutshell, Google Play Services automatically starts when the mobile app needs it, and it continues to run even after you’ve forced closed the application. Essentially, it’s the heart that continues pumping all the blood and its latest update is version number 9.6.73. If you find this a small hurdle in your path and if you attempt to uninstall it, you will be asked to install it again as a lot of apps don’t work without it. Not updating the app could lead to error – Google Play Services has stopped.

Google Play Services 9.6.73 APK Download

The latest Google Play Services APK download provides important functions to apps like access to user’s privacy settings, authentication to Google accounts and services, synced contacts, location services and much, much more. Since this update is also an improved iteration of the previous update, it will also end up improving the gaming experience as well as the app user experience. Furthermore, it will end up making offline searches faster, and we know that you don’t like to be kept waiting.

The latest Google Play Services update with version number 9.6.73 is available to download on and features a total size of 42.68MB.


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