Google Play Services is an important system component in Android devices that is needed by most of the apps that you use. A lot of apps do not work without the component or if it is not updated to the latest version. If you open up the running processes in Settings, you will find Google Play Services there. And even if you will kill that process, it will start again if an app needs to use it.

google play services apk

So yes, Google Play Services APK is important for your device. It helps keep your apps updated and provides core functions like access to the latest user privacy preferences, location-based services, synced contacts, better maps, enhanced gaming experience, and more. It also makes offline searches faster and provides better app experience.

Google Play Services has received a new update today and has been bumped up to version number 9.2.56. The latest Google Play Services APK download file weighs 43.09 MB and can be installed on phones and tablets running Android 2.3 or later. To download Google Play Services APK latest version, visit You can also get the Google Play Services 9.2.56 APK update from the Google Play Store.


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