Google Play Services is an important system component in Android smartphones and tablets. This component keeps the apps updated from the Play Store and provides core functionality to them. It provides synced contacts to the apps, gives them authorization to your Google services, lets the app access location services, have user privacy settings, and more. Google Play Services APK also improves the overall app and gaming experience.

Google Play Services

It is important that you keep Google Play Services updated, because it is an important component and many apps do not work without it. Even if you disable it or force stop it, it will automatically restart when any app needs it. So make sure that you download latest Google Play Services APK and install it on your Android device.

The Google Play Services APK has been updated to version 9.0.82 today and works with Android 2.3+ devices. The APK file weighs 49.2 MB and comes with some important support and improvement mentioned in the changelog below.

– Maps API v2 for Android Wear
– Wear API improvements, including Channel API for bidirectional data transfer between devices
– Fit API improvements, including new API for reading aggregated daily totals
– Location API improvements, including parameter for setting max wait time
– Places API improvements, including ability to retrieve attributions

You can download Google Play Services APK v9.0.82 from


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