Most users still think that apps on Android tablets and smartphones run on their own, but not many people know that it’s not the truth. There are several important system components that are responsible for the proper running of apps, the most important one being Google Play Services. It is used for updating Google apps and those apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.

google play services apk

In case you don’t know, Google Play Services APK is the component that provides the core functionality to apps, including synced contacts, authentication to your Google services, low-powered high-quality location-based services, and access to your latest privacy settings. The component is also responsible for enhancing your app experience by speeding up offline searches, improving gaming experience, and providing more immersive maps. Keeping the Google Play Services outdated or removing it may cause most of the apps to stop working.

The developers at Google have released a new update for Google Play Services APK for Android smartphones and tablets. The latest Google Play Services APK download file comes with version number 8.7.02 and weighs 40.81 MB. It supports all smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 or above.

Google hardly releases any changelogs for the updates that it releases for the Google Play Services component. The latest Google Play Services 8.7 APK too does not show any new features on paper. However, each update is necessary for the proper functioning of all the apps present on your Android device. This makes it important to keep the Google Play Services updated.

You can download Google Play Services 8.7 APK from


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