In case you wondered what the Google Play Services component is used for, it helps keep all your apps updated. The apps downloaded from Google Play and the Google apps pre-installed in your device use Google Play Services to check for new updates and notify you of the same. Play Services gives core functionality to the apps like access to your privacy settings, location-based services, synced contacts, and more. It also makes your app experience better by speeding up your offline searches, make gaming experiences better, and more. Many apps don’t work without Google Play Services or if it’s outdated.

google play services apk

The latest Google Play Services APK update comes with version number 8.7.03 (build number 2645110-236) and works with all Android 5.0+ devices. The Google Play Services 8.7.03 APK weighs 42.12 MB. The developers rarely share a changelog for this app whenever it gets update, so we can’t really guess what new this update will offer.

However, as we have mentioned a lot of times before, even the most minor updates bring stability and speed improvements along with bug fixes. So even though the Google Play Services APK v8.7.03 might not seem to be adding new features to your phone, it will surely make your app experience better. It will make sure that your apps keep running smoothly without any hiccups.

As Google Play Services is an important system component, make sure it remains up-to-date. You can download Google Play Services 8.7.03 APK from