You might have come across the component Google Play Services in the apps section of Settings in your Android device, but not all users understand the importance of this component. It helps keep the Google apps and other Play Store apps update and provides core functions like access to the latest privacy settings of the user, improving gaming performance, speeding up offline searches, and much more. Most of the apps nowadays don’t work if the Google Play Services APK is not installed or updated.

Google Play Services

The Google Play Services component has been updated today and a new version 8.7.02 has been released. The latest Google Play Services APK v8.7.02 download file is 49.35 MB large and supports devices running Android 5.0 and above. The update brings a small but very significant change as to how the Google app works in Android devices.

The latest Play Services update activates a feature that opens links from Google Now cards and Google app search results in Chrome Custom Tabs instead of opening the links into the full Chrome Browser or any other browser that you might have set as default. The Chrome Custom Tabs are faster and much lighter on the RAM and CPU than the full browser, thus giving users a faster and a smoother access to content.

You should download Google Play Services 8.7.02 APK from


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