Google recently updated the Google Play Store for Android Wear and released it for all Android Wear devices running Android 7.0. In case you don’t know, Google has also released Google Play Services APK for Android Wear devices, and it is now available to download.

Google Play Services Version 9.6.83 Available to Download in APK

In case you don’t know what Google Play Services is, here’s a quick brief. Play Services is used for updating Google apps and the apps you install on your device from the Play Store. It’s basically a system component that provides core functions to the apps, like authentication to your Google services, synced contacts, location-based services, enhanced maps, better gaming and app experience, and much more. Most apps nowadays require Google Play Services compulsorily or else they may not run. Not updating the app might also result in error – Google Play Services Has Stopped.

The latest Google Play Services update for Android Wear comes with version number 10.1.33 and is 22.96MB in size. This release works only for Android 4.4+ Android Wear devices. If you try and install it on a phone, it will simply crash; so don’t try it at all. In case you haven’t already installed this update, you should immediately do it as it is an important system component.

To download Google Play Services APK latest version for Android Wear, go to or


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