Google Play Music comes pre-installed in Android devices and remained neglected for a long time because it’s free. However, the app is now one of the most used music apps that lets you listen to music on your device either from the local storage or stream it online. The app is available on Android, iOS, and web, so it’s easy to keep all your music synced.


Google Play Music is not just a music player; it is a music streaming service too, both paid and free. You can enjoy millions of tracks from any language, album, artist, etc. and can create your own favourite playlists. Google also added the Podcasts feature to the app recently, so you can tune in to your favourite podcasts whenever you want and manage them easily on all your devices.

The Google Play Music APK has been updated today and has been bumped up to version 6.9. The latest Google Play Music APK download file is 19.12 MB in size and can be installed on all devices running on Android 4.1 or later. This is a stable release and not a beta build, so it will be smooth to use hopefully without bug fixes. You can download Google Play Music 6.9 APK by visiting


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