After an iPhone, anything that woos smartphone freaks is a beautifully crafted Google-made device. Whether it’s Nexus or the latest trendsetter Pixel, no one can deny the allure of a device that comes straight from the hands of world’s biggest tech-giant. Top-end internals, meticulous design and most importantly, guaranteed early updates have always made these phones the flagship they deserved to be.

Pixel XL

But lately, Google has been a bit harsh on its Nexus loyalists. Since the launch of Pixel and Pixel XL, its most recent flagships, the search giant has been doing away with the older lineup, specifically – Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. The two phones were first removed from the Google Store, which was seen as a move to drive the Pixels ahead, but now, their update cycle also seems to be retiring.

After receiving Android updates and security patches for quite some, Google’s 2015 flagship Nexus 6P did not receive the much speculated Google Assistant update. Though the company said the update would show up on all Nougat and Marshmallow based Android phones, the update did not make it to the Nexus device. While there’s no saying if it is coming in a week or two, the Android community has started speculating where Google is heading now.

The word goes around that Google would be phasing out Nexus 6P and its younger sibling Nexus 5X from its two-year update program. It could be a move to push the launch of the next Pixel phones, but for now, it’s just a rumor and has to be taken with a grain of salt.

‘Premium’ Pixel 2 Coming Soon

Speaking of Pixel 2, it is also important to note that Google has started building the public image of the brand to push for the launch later this year. The last Pixels were not well received by the audience, which clearly sent shivers down the spine of the search giant. Now, it wants to build on the image that once came with the Nexus devices.

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Google VP Rick Osterloh has already been hinted that the new Pixels will stay ‘premium’ and in the high-end market. Expect them to show up with top-end capabilities, possibly with waterproofing and a bezel-less display, as well.