Google Pixel smartphone was launched with the highest-rated smartphone camera ever. As per DxOMark, the Pixel XL‘s camera is the ‘best smartphone camera’ to ever hit the market. The 12.3MP camera received a higher DxOMark rating [89] than even iPhone 7 [86]. However, despite an impressive score, it seems that the Google Pixel Camera falls behind iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 in real world conditions.

Google Pixel Camera Falls Behind iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 In Real World Conditions

As per a Business Insider review, the Pixel ‘simply can’t stand up to’ the closely-matched iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 in real-world performance. Rafi Letzter from Business Insider claims that while DxOMark’s scores represent the objective truth about a camera’s quality, real world performance shows different results.

Upon comparison in auto mode and real world usage, the Galaxy S7 offers the best exposure of the three and brings out the color differences between sunlight and shadow. The iPhone 7 offers more muted and conservative results. While the Pixel looks little flat with wrong white balance, less subtleties of color and wiped out the sky [caused by bright exposure].

Rafi claims that the Pixel made obvious mistakes in color balancing and focus, which were rarely seen from the S7 or iPhone. The HDR made Pixel’s results even more garish and over-the-top. Rafi states that the big problem area for Pixel is its sub-par auto-focus system. The slow system simply doesn’t work in some situations. In comparison, the Galaxy S7 is far faster and more precise.

However, all these tests were under difficult situations. In ideal conditions, the Pixel camera’s quality is at par with iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. Also, the Pixel does offer more sharpness than the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. While the Pixel offers great picture quality in low-light conditions too, the S7’s low-light performance is still better.

In conclusion, the Google Pixel has a very good camera but it might not be the best. Check out the detailed review and picture samples here.


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