Google’s next generation Pixel devices (probably Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL) have been spotted for the first time on the internet. The information courtesy of unknown source via Android Police from the Android Open Source Project Gerrit. Only the smaller sibling Pixel device, codenamed “walleye”, has been sighted as of now, with “muskie” still to make an appearance. It’s pretty much in line with last year sightings of only “Marlin” in the AOSP Gerrit. The other variant never showed up, so it won’t be a surprise if “muskie” goes the same route.


Right now, there is no information available on the specifications or design of the device. However, one can definitely believe that the search giant will stick to the two model strategy – a basic version and an XL variant.

Android Police is very confident as far as this rumor is concerned. It goes on to give 90% chance of this rumor being true. Following is what the tech website had to say:

“we give this rumor a confidence rating of 9 out of 10 – we have essentially confirmed walleye, and the muskie name was provided to us by the same source in the same context, so we’re confident in it.”

In case, you are curious to know the history of the codenames, let us tell you that both are names of North American freshwater fish. And yes, Muskie is the larger one.

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We will update this space once more information surfaces.