Google released its new line of smartphones just a few months ago, but the company is already planning the successors to the popular Pixel phone line. What will the Google Pixel 2 bring?

There are lots of rumors regarding the upcoming smartphone line talking about hardware specs and new features. 9to5Google reported about the upcoming phone’s specs, citing a reliable source. Firstly, the device will come with some kind of water resistance. Similar to the first generation Pixel devices, the Pixel 2 will feature only splash- and dust-resistance certification, and not the full waterproofing certificate (IP68 certification).

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Google Pixel

Further, Google is at the moment focused on deciding which chipset will power the device. According to sources, the Pixel 2 prototypes were tested with Snapdragon 83X and Intel chips on board. MediaTek was in plans, but the company won’t provide its chips for the Pixel 2.

Since there is info about Google releasing a budget Pixel 2 variant (codenamed Pixel 2B), it is possible the company contacted MediaTek about providing hardware for the budget version. This budget version could come shortly after the main model and should aim at emerging markets.

Google even has plans of making its own chipset similar to what Apple does. The problem is that Google’s custom chipset probably won’t be ready for the Pixel 2.

Camera improvements are also on the table. Google wants for the Pixel 2 to offer a camera with superb low-light performance, with the MP size staying more or less the same. Since the Pixel and the Pixel XL boast 12.3 MP main cameras, more than enough for snapping quality photos, it’s nice to see the company trying to make the camera better in terms of quality and not MP size.

As for the pricing, 9to5Google’s source said the new model will rock “at least” $50” higher price than the current models.


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