Google Photos was updated yesterday and bumped up to version 1.19 (build 203299). The new update brings some visual tweaks in the app along with some new features too. The SD card support and folder management has been improved in the latest Google Photos APK, and you can now customize the automatically-created movies by adding your own music, photos, and videos.

google photos for android

Talking about the auto-generated movies, Google Photos does a very good job at putting together our photos and videos into sweet, short movies. Well, you can now have a better control of those videos, as the app now lets you add your own music to the background. Just go to the auto-movie you want to edit, then tap the edit button, select the musical note, and go to the My Music option to give the movie your choice of song.

The new v1.19 update now lets you manage SD card folders and files in a better way through the Photos app. You can now rename folders, delete them, create new folders, copy images to internal storage from SD card, etc. Apart from that, the app now gets a search bar on the top with a redesigned search screen. Then there are some visual changes here and there with regard to the placement of certain options, menus, the way photos are shown, etc.

So yes, this is a major update for the Google Photos app for Android and you shouldn’t miss this at any cost. The new Google Photos 1.19 APK download file weighs 21.02 MB and works with Android 4.0 and above. You can download Google Photos APK for Android latest version by going to


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