Google is known for providing simple and useful security features. Users’ security is the top priority for Google. In line with their continued commitment to security, Google now notifies users about what’s happening with their accounts in real-time. Yes. Real-time.

According to Google Apps Updates, a new feature notifies Android users of security events on their account in the form of Android notifications for newly added devices.

How the new feature works

When you add a new device to your account, you will receive a notification telling you about the newly added device. If you haven’t added the device it means your account has been compromised and the notification will let you take immediate action.

Newly added device notification
Newly added device notification

You can choose to Review Account Activity if you find something suspicious. This gives details about what device was added, when it was added, the location and IP address.

Newly added device details
Newly added device details

If you are the one who added the device, you have the option to dismiss this notification just as any other notification.

Benefits of this feature

  • Quick notification about multiple devices
  • Increased security and transparency
  • Easy identification of suspicious activity
  • Friendly, simple notification

The rollout of this feature is expected to happen gradually. Let us know if you find this feature useful and if this feature has helped you detect suspicious activity!


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