Google Now Launcher has long been a favorite launcher for many Android users. With features like quick access to search from every home screen, “Ok Google” support to search with your voice, swipe right feature to see Google Now cards that bring the right information, A-Z apps list with fast scrolling and many more features, Google Now Launcher provided a fast, clean home screen. If you are a fan of Google Now Launcher, be prepared for some disappointing news. Google Now Launcher will cease to exist in few weeks from now.

Google confirms it will discontinue Google Now Launcher

In an e-mail to GMS partners, Google has announced it will soon remove Google Now Launcher from the Play Store. The e-mail talks about Search Launcher Services library for OEMs. The library, which was in testing phase so far, is reportedly now available. Google believes the Search Launcher Services is a more scalable solution and has thus decided to do away with Google Now Launcher altogether.

But there are actually two parts to Google Now Launcher – launcher part and the Google Now part. The launcher part is the screen where you can put icons/folders/widgets. The Google Now part is what allows you to swipe right and access Google Now cards. When Google decides to pull the app from Google Play Store, you will not be able to install the app anymore. But Google Now cards and voice integration will continue to function.

Existing Google Now Launcher users need not worry

According to the e-mail, Google Now Launcher will be unpublished from Google Play in Q1 2017. Once unpublished, users will no longer be able to download and install the launcher from Google Play Store (install right away if you wish to have Google Now Launcher on your phone). However, Google will continue to support existing users of Google Now Launcher by updating the Google Search app.


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