Google Now Launcher is showing the ‘Now card’ information for some users under the Search bar. Some users of the Google Now Launcher can see an update that displays more contextual information directly on the home screen. The latest update to the Google Now Launcher has hit users running beta version of the Google app.

Google Now Launcher Update Adds Sub-Widgets Under Search bar

The new change shows little sub-widgets, displayed directly under the Google search bar at the top of the home screen. The transparent widgets show information from your Now cards, such as the weather, time to your work, etc. These can be easily dismissed by tapping on the ‘X’, located to the right of them. However, if you choose to tap on the main body of the sub-widget, it will take you to that card in your feed for Google Now cards.

Google Now Launcher Update Adds Sub-Widgets Under Search bar

The new feature has only been rolled out to a select number of people. You can its availability in your smartphone by simply going to the settings of the Google Now Launcher. If you find a selection that says ‘Widget’ under the Search section, you’ll be able to tap on that and choose whether or not you want to turn these widgets on or off. Once turned on, Google Now Launcher will show Now card information under the Search bar. The little feature can be expected to reach more users in the near future.

Recently, the search engine giant introduced the ‘Goggle Assistant’ feature with its new Pixel smartphones. The Google Assistant also functions as an app to deliver users with information in a fast and efficient as possible way. It is essentially an evolution version of the Google Now. While we still have to wait for the Google Assistant to reach most smartphones, the updated Google Now will be a nice change.


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