Google Nexus 7 (Pixel 7) has been making it to the tech headlines for quite awhile now. While most of the details surrounding the much-anticipated forthcoming Google flagship are somewhat sketchy, we have compiled a list for the waiting fanboys highlighting how the Nexus 7 can emerge as one of the most powerful and commercially successful tablets next year.

Google Nexus 7 specs price release date

Google Nexus 7 will be the first tablet to feature Google’s Andromeda OS

Andromeda operating system, a hybrid platform that combines hand-picked features from both Android and Chrome, is believed to make its debut in two forthcoming Nexus devices — a tablet and a hybrid laptop. While Google has obviously made no official confirmation, the rumors seem to have come from some rather reliable sources.

The best thing about the Andromeda OS platform will be that it will make laptops, tablets, and smartphones more connected to one another more than ever before. Not just that, the merger of the two platforms will also ensure that a device incorporating it has an adaptable user interface, accessible file systems, as well as a range of other features that could potentially make multitasking a lot easier and more convenient.

Google Nexus 7 specs will be powerful enough to sway the opinion in its favor

If you thought the forthcoming (rumored) products such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with its Snapdragon 652 SoC, Android Nougat OS, and 3GB RAM will steal the limelight in 2017, think again. Because Google’s Nexus 7 will boast even more impressive specs and features including Android Nougat, Snapdragon 820 chipset, and 4GB of RAM.

Google Nexus 7 will be among the most affordable high-end tablets

Rumors have been rife in the tech world regarding Google joining forces with Huawei to manufacture the Pixel 7 (Nexus 7). However, unlike the Google Pixel smartphones that have so far done a really good job in the market despite their high-price, the Pixel 7 tablet is likely to come with a much cheaper price tag if it is manufactured by Huawei.

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