Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Other than the communication purposes, they are the go-to device for capturing memories, storing information, wallet data and what not. Hence, losing one is more than just financial damage. This is where locating smartphone functionality comes handy.

Android Device Manager is one such tool baked right into the Android operating system to find your lost or stolen Android smartphone. And today, a user thanked ADM for the same in a Reddit post.

Android Device Manager

A Redditor lost her Nexus 6P device while traveling in a bus. It was deftly lifted out of her pocket. Even though the smartphone had a fingerprint scanner and pin code in place, all her important cards were inside the wallet-style phone case. This meant all her personal information including social security number, credit card details were in jeopardy.

The user was completely frantic but suddenly realized she could find the stolen phone using Android Device Manager. She went to her desktop and located the Nexus 6P just 20 minutes away. Thereafter, she arranged a ride with her friend and found out that a panicked 16-year old boy was the thief. As for the smartphone is concerned, it kept flashing “Android Device Located” on the screen.

The victim felt relieved after all this ruckus and mentioned the priceless look on perp’s face when he saw her at the door. In such cases, it’s best to involve police, as the thief might have easily been a gun-toting professional felon, and not a 16-year-old kid.

There’s a bigger lesson to be learned here, and that is to make use of all the security features at disposal. Always enable Android Device Manager on your android phone, it might turn out to be the difference between find your phone or losing it forever.