There has been a big hype and ruckus about the Nexus Phones and why not because they come with the Google tagline embedded in them. And the lucky one among it is Huawei, which has managed to join the elite club of benefactors that develop and launch the newest operating systems of Google.

The Huawei-manufactured Nexus 6P introduces a big screen size of 5.7 inches, the biggest ever in the Nexus line. The specifications and features do not stop here. There is more to the device than anticipated.

huawei 6p, huawei nexusBeing the more exclusive (or expensive) among the two super Nexus phones, the 6P comes inbuilt with a metal chassis, and sublime stereo speakers at the front. Under the hood, it also encloses a circular finger scanner, which is a great sight to behold our eyes upon. This leaves no doubts about Huawei’s capability to manufacture unparallel and incomparable smartphones.

The device, owing to its front-facing speakers has a large screen which might make it uncomfortable for some but there is no comparison for its features and they appear to be the best available and extremely classy. The device as well has an excellent finish and fascinating look which can be seen in the images and video below.