Google’s own Google Messenger app got updated to version 2.0 yesterday. The update brings some noticeable visual changes, but these are just small improvements. The latest Google Messenger 2.0.68 APK download file weighs 16.85 MB and can be installed on Android 4.4 or later devices. The new Google Messenger update is now available to install from the Play Store and


The first change you will notice in this new update is a new launcher icon for the Google Messenger. The developers have now made the icon circular, which is more in line with Google’s Pixel launcher style and Android N. The second small change now is that the Messenger app icon will now display unread message counts on various OEM and third-party launchers, thus letting you know how many messages you haven’t read yet.

Google Messenger APK update v2.0.68 also merges your contacts. Now your top contacts are merged right into the full contact list instead of existing separately. Group messaging also gets more fluid with the update, and it will be easier to add people to groups and start chatting with them right away. Talking of small changes, the send button will now show which type of message you are sending (SMS, MMS, etc.). Apart from that, many small visual tweaks have been done like reshuffling the Advanced Settings and Settings screen.

So if you use Google Messenger nowadays, you should definitely download Google Messenger 2.0 update APK from You can directly get the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store.


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