Google services are immensely popular thanks to the fact that Android is at the moment by far the most popular mobile OS. While using the services alone works flawless, using them as a group, or a couple is a bit tricky. Some services, like Keep, Drive, Photos, and Calendar, function flawless while used in groups. Others are a bit trickier to be used in groups, like Google Maps, Gmail, or Contacts.

Google Maps is especially tough to use until now you couldn’t share your favorite places and venues, your trip plans, or a list of places you want to visit. Starting February 13, custom lists can be shared.

Custom lists were added to Google Maps back in August last year, but until now they weren’t sharable. And what’s the point of making a list of your favorite restaurants if you can’t share it with your friends? From now on, any list you create can be shared with your friends, family, and your partner. Now you can create a list of potential bars to check out with your friends, or make a list of places to visit on your next trip and share it with your partner.

The share button is placed up in the list title bar letting you send a link through many different apps. Once the person you’ve sent the list opens it, it will be available from their places section.

Google Maps continue to add new features, making the app better and better. With the new sharing lists option, Google Maps now offers a plethora of handy features such as Local Guides program, offline maps, custom lists, custom labels, and traffic info.

Google started rolling out the feature today, and it seems that the feature will be added via server-side switch meaning that all users will receive it without the need to update their Google Maps app.


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