Google Maps is used by millions of users around the world to find their way around the world. Whether it be directions to a new area of your city or a restaurant in a foreign country, Maps helps you find your way around easily. What’s makes it all the more convenient is the Google Maps app for Android tablets and smartphones, which is like the whole world in your pocket. With offline navigation, turn-by-turn voice directions, night mode, and more such awesome features, there’s no doubt why Google Maps is one of the most loved navigational apps in the Google Play Store.

google maps

Well, if you use Google Maps APK on your Android device as your primary navigation tool, then there’s a piece of good news for you. A new Google Maps update for Android phones and tablets has been released today. The new update bumps up the version number to 9.20.1, and the new build number for this version is 920100124. The Google Maps 9.20.1 APK file is 29.65 MB large and requires Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later.

The new update does bring a couple of changes to the Maps app. First of all, you get a one tap shortcut for driving mode without having to enter the destination; it will show you the traffic overview of the commute, time of travel to familiar places, instant access to turn-by-turn navigation, and quick search for places along the way. The update also suggests subway exits in the transit details (only available in Paris, Hong Kong, Madrid, and Barcelona currently). Apart from this, the update gets bug fixes.

You can download Google Maps 9.20.1 APK free from the Play Store via below source link.


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