For those who don’t know, the Google Keep app is a notes app for taking down your thoughts instantly. It has got a web version as well as an Android app. For those who use Google Keep, a new update has been released for the web client and the app. The new Google Keep APK file is 11.97 MB large and requires Android 4.0 and above.

google keep for android

Talking about the changes, the web interface of Google Keep gets a new helpful blue update box that tells you about the new feature in the app- centralized settings. These options were previously available in the overflow menu inside List settings. But now they are under the generic settings lable in the nav menu. These settings control how the behaviour of the checked items and what times of the day will be afternoon, morning, or night. These settings are live on the website and have also reached the app.

For those who use the Google Keep app on Android, this new update will make using the app a bit more convenient. Also, it may also be carrying unmentioned bug fixes and speed improvements. So you can download Google Keep APK now from the Google Play Store via below source link.