Google Fit is the company’s standalone application for fitness tracking. There are no updates released for the Google Fit in recent times. However, the tech giant has now come up with a major update which includes a new design, updated Timeline view, Configurable widget, and Extensible goals.


The Changelog for the new Google Fit 1.57 APK download is as follows:

  • Huge visual overhaul
  • Timeline View
  • Extensible goals
  • Configurable widget
  • New watchface and look on Android Wear

Having a deep look at the new features, the update includes a major design change which can be observed by opening the application itself. The interface now is pretty neat and clean. It is worth saying that the new interface is more colourful and looks much different when compared to previous version.

Daily stats also got a redesign as they are pretty clear and can be accessible from the home screen itself. Previously, the daily stats can be accessed via the slide menu which is hidden on the left side of the app.

The latest Google Fit APK download also has option to set goals of your own which can be called as ‘Extensible goals’. Furthermore, there is new configurable widget added. The new widget shows a small graph of your goals which are set by you. Previously, the old widget just displays your daily activity.

That said, if you can’t wait for the update to reach your device, you can download Google Fit 1.57 APK Dfrom some mirror hosting sites such as or as the Play Store version might take some time to reach your location.


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