A new update has been released for Google Docs by the G Suite team. The update is not a major one, but certainly, a handy one that allows users to easily select a portion of text and then modify capitalization by choosing between options like uppercase, lowercase, all caps, and title case.

Google Docs

To access the new feature, users need to navigate to the Format menu and then go to Capitalization and choose from options like lowercase, UPPERCASE and Title Case. Here is the screenshot that shows how the new capitalization options can be accessed.

Google Docs

Selecting lowercase will allow users to make all the selected letters lowercase. In the same way, selected text can be made UPPERCASE by choosing uppercase. Choosing Title Case for selected text will capitalize the first letter of each word.

The new feature that has introduced for Google Docs can certainly help in saving time while composing a document, which means will have more time of other works collaborating and strategizing. As of this writing, the feature is only available on the web version of Google Docs. it would take around 3 days for users to receive the new feature. It is expected to be available on mobile version very soon.


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