After the fall back of Pixel and Pixel XL, Google is leaving no stone unturned to make a comeback with the next gen of Pixel devices. The company has already confirmed the launch of new Pixel phones in the second half of this year but looks like, 2017 is going bring a lot more than just 2 Pixels!


Moving ahead with an earlier leak, sources have claimed that Google may toss out a third device, alongside new Pixel phones.

As per Droid-life, the two Pixel devices have been codenamed “muskie and walleye”, while a third big-screened device has been codenamed “taimen”.

Taimen Could Be Nexus 7

Though these reports are unconfirmed, the existence or on-going development of Taimen could still be a reality, especially considering the name given to it. Google has been using codenames of aquatic animals for quite a while now, and “Taimen”, which is a large sized fish, certainly points towards a big screened phone or even a tablet.

As sources claim that Taimen is a separate project from ‘muskie’ and ‘walleye’, it could possibly be a new Nexus tablet or a follow up to the Pixel C.  The revival of Nexus looks fairly distant from this point, but considering recent rumors and the massive demand for the Nexus brand, it is easily plausible to assume that the Google can consider reintroducing Nexus 7 with its own tidbits.

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However, as of now, there’s not much to tell. From what rumors say, Google may have a third device in the works. But, we are still not sure whether it will be a revived Nexus 7 or a phone bigger than XL. Either way, it would make a tempting package, just like all good things from Google.