Google Contacts is a pretty new app that is gaining popularity very quickly. Basically, the app brings a much better and more organized Contacts app for Android and makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

With the Google Contacts APK, it is very easy to add contacts and then edit info like their email, phone number, and photo. The app saves your contacts directly to your Google account, so you can never lose them and can use them on any device you are logged into.

google contacts apk download

Google Contacts app fixes the age-old duplicate contacts problem with automatic link suggestions. Also, you can directly call or message someone quickly from the contact card. The Google Contacts app is a must try, but it is currently available only for Android One, Google Play Edition, and Nexus devices that are running on Android Marshmallow and above.

If you are bored with the stock Contacts app in your Android device, Google Contacts is the perfect alternative. You might not see the app on the Play Store yet, but you can download Google Contacts for Android from APKMirror. The Google Contacts APK is currently on version 1.4.9 and weighs 7.56 MB.

Try it and comment below about your experience with the app.


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