Web browsers are more or less streamlined these days. The number of features in every browser is so large that most browsers support the same features; they just implement them in a different way. Since Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world right now with by far the largest user base, let’s check out what Google Chrome features you can use which are not available with other web browsers.

1. Google Chrome Task Manager

Task manager is one of the most basic features in Windows, it lets you see which tasks are currently active, their usage of RAM and CPU, as well as other handy parameters, like disk usage and network activity.

Google Chrome also features a built-in task manager. It differs from the one found in Windows in the way it shows a detailed info regarding all processes running while the Chrome is open. You can check out which pages and plugins use the most memory, which processes use your network bandwidth, as well as other interesting parameters that can be showed by right clicking on any process and then selecting the info to be showed in task manager.

For instance, you can see which site uses the largest portion of the image cache, their priorities, or the usage of GPU memory telling you which site or plugin is the biggest system hog. A pretty handy feature, unique to Google Chrome that can be accessed by hitting Shift+Escape.

2. T-Rex Offline Game

None browser will let you have some fun while online, except for Google Chrome. Everyone knows about the T-Rex game by now. When you are offline and see the notification about it in Chrome, along with the dinosaur, just press space and start your journey through the desert.

The game can be played even when offline by typing “chrome://network-error/-106” in the address bar.

3. Find Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Google Chrome offers one very helpful exclusive feature allowing you to locate your mobile device. You can find your Android or iOS device by simply typing find my phone into the address bar. In order to use the feature, you have to own Google account, and it must be linked to your phone.

Aside from smartphones, you can find even your tablet devices, and if you have more than one device linked to your account, select which one to find by clicking on the device picture at the upper left end of the window.

4. Use Your Browser As A Notepad

Want to write a quick note but don’t have pen and paper nor Word installed? Just type  “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” into the address bar and your Google Chrome will transform into a rudimentary notepad. Not filled with features, but a nice first aid.

5. Google Chrome Experimental Features

By typing “chrome://flags/” into the address bar you can enter the exciting world of experimental features for Google Chrome. This is a huge advantage over other browsers, just make sure not to break something.

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In this huge experimental features menu, you can enable experimental extension APIs, fast tab or windows close, smooth scrolling, MSAA to be used in Chrome and many more interesting features.

One interesting feature is the ability to enable Material Design in secondary UI, like address bar, bubbles, dialogs, task manager, different buttons, etc. For those who are not aware, there is also Honey Chrome Extension which helps you save money while purchasing products online.

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Ok, that’s all. If you know about any exclusive feature of Google Chrome we didn’t present in this article, let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you noticed any of the features we showed in any other browser.


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