Google Calendar app for Android has received a new update today and is bumped up to version 5.5. The new update brings a significant change. A new “Find a Time” feature is now available for Edu and Apps accounts, and it helps you find free time in your schedule for new meetings. This feature is not available for normal Google Accounts, which is good for privacy.

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The “Find a Time” option will be helpful for busy people who do a lot of meetings and have got their schedule so full that it gets hard to find time for any other urgent meeting that might come up. The new feature tries to find free time and schedule your meeting. Just for the record, this feature is coming to iOS too.

The latest Google Calendar APK download also changes the status bar, which now comes with inverted status icons. All the icons including time, Bluetooth, WiFi, signal, etc. are now colored in dark grey instead of white, and the status bar is light grey. Apart from that, there are no other visible changes in Google Calendar 5.5 APK.

You can download Google Calendar APK latest version from It weighs 22.5 MB and works with Android 4.2 and later.


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