Apart from calling, chatting, gaming, and other functions, most of also use the reminder or to-do features of our smartphones regularly. Those who have a hectic schedule find calendar apps a boon, as such apps help them schedule their activities and events and manage their time efficiently. Though different smartphones come with different reminders or to-do managers, it is difficult for a user to get used to all of them, and it gets difficult when one has to change phones. In such cases, Google Calendar is your best bet, as it not only syncs all your devices but also provides the best management functions you have seen in similar apps.

google calendar apk download

Google Calendar is a smart enough scheduling app that picks up your events, activities, reminders, to-dos directly from your Gmail and keeps it in one place for you to see. Not only that, but the app gets smarter with time and adapts to your usage habits, and then it starts providing suggestions when you add an event or to-do next time. Well, the app just got smoother, as a new Google Calendar update has been released. The new free to download update bumps up the version to 5.3.3-112458160 (2015097193) and is 19.72 MB in size. It runs on Android 4.2 and above.

Yes, it’s not a major update and does not bring a lot of additions or changes. This update can be downloaded for free and comes with bug fixes and other invisible improvements. You can download Google Calendar latest version APK from our Google Calendar downloads section.


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