Initially, Google Home came with support for only a few number of devices and services. However, Google Assistant (which also means Google Home) now supports a number of smart home products from various brands. It is now compatible with smart home products such as Wink, LIFX, TP-Link, Vivint, Best Buy Insignia, Logitech, August Home, and Rachio.

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Insignia Wi-Fi smart plug, a smart home product is now compatible with Google Home. It can be remotely switched on and off like other products such as TP-Link and WeMo.  LIFX a brand similar to Philips Hue sells smart light bulbs including an infrared bulb to for security cameras. LIFX smart bulbs could work through Samsung SmartThings Hub. However, LIFX is now officially supported through Google Home.

Vivint that specializes in manufacturing security devices like cameras and locks, etc which can be all controlled through a central control panel. Users can make use of Google Assistant to access the control panel. Apart from making Wi-Fi routers, TP-Link also sells smart light bulbs and Wi-Fi smart plugs that can be now controlled with Google Home.

Other brands like Logitech, August Home, and Rachio have confirmed that their smart products will be also supported by Google Assistant. All three of them work with Google Assistant on Google Home, but it is not supported on phone at present. Other smart products from various brands like Firigidaire, Geeni and Anova are also supported.

Source: Google Google Support


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