With Google Pixel and Pixel XL running out of stock in the United States, it looks like Google is back with a bang! Google Assistant seems to have given Google the edge it so badly needed. While the phones sport Android in its purest form, Google Assistant is what makes them stand out. While many users have begun to appreciate the cool new AI looks of Google Assistant, those without Pixel phones appear disappointed since the new AI is limited only to Pixel phones. How To Enable Google Assistant On Non-Pixel Devices Running Android 7.0Whether limiting Google Assistant to Pixel phones was a strategic move to increase Pixel sales is something only Google can reveal. But if you do wish to have Google Assistant on your non-Pixel phone, there are ways to do it. But you need a rooted Android phone to be able to do that. And you also need to have Android 7.0 Nougat or higher. But as always, tinkering comes with its own set of problems. Many users who have installed Google Assistant on non-Pixel phones are now complaining about several issues – issues that appear to be serious and major.

Major issues include Camera repeatedly crashing, random reboots and worst of all, “Ok Google” hotkey not functioning. While several users have reported that camera app just crashes for no reason at all, other users are seeing random reboots at random times. These issues are pretty serious. It’s better to wait for the official release of Google Assistant (if Google ever plans on making one available) for non-Pixel phones. Issues like random reboots can get really frustrating after some time, which should make you think twice about installing Google Assistant on your non-Pixel device.

It’s worth remembering that Google Assistant has evolved from “Google Now” feature that currently exists in a lot of smartphones. And Google Now has nearly 90% of all functionalities that Google Assistant offers. So are random crashes, reboots really worth the 10% extra functionality Google Assistant offers? That’s something you have to think about before you begin to root your non-Pixel smartphone, just to install Google Assistant.

Have you been facing any of these issues lately? Share your experiences in the comments section.


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