If there has to be an app from Google least talked about, it would be Google App. It’s highly understated app with more features and functionality than any other app from the search giant. Ranging from the standard search interface, a voice assistant, and even a launcher, the app does a lot more it showcases.

Google App 7.1

And now, Google is prepping to make some big changes to the app which aren’t live yet, but witnessed through the APK teardown of Google App 7.1 beta by Android Police.

Upcoming Changes to Google App

The first big change noticed in the APK teardown was the placement of Search bar right into the notification shade. A new setting in the APK describes placing a “search bar in the notification panel.” Right now, the changes aren’t visible even on the Developer version of Android O. However, with things showing in this beta variant, it might not be long before Google pushes another update with the feature enabled.

Following is the code snippet in case you are interested in learning:

<string name=”search_notification_setting_title”>Search bar (beta)</string>
<string name=”search_notification_setting_summary”>Show quick search bar in the notification panel</string>

<string name=”accessibility_notification_google_search_button”>Google Search</string>
<string name=”accessibility_notification_settings_button”>Notification Settings</string>
<string name=”accessibility_notification_voice_search_button”>Voice Search</string>

<SwitchPreference android:persistent=”true” android:title=”@string/search_notification_setting_title” android:key=”persistent_search_notification_enabled” android:summary=”@string/search_notification_setting_summary”android:defaultValue=”false” />

The next big change popping from the Google App 7.1 beta teardown is pollen counts with their local weather. A new image has surfaced in the APK code. Titled ic_pollen_count.png, it’s pretty clear what this flower image will be used for. One can expect it to show up with the standard weather predictions, much like it does on some other trackers and news outlets.

Pollen Counts

While the teardowns are a good way to learn what an app might offer in future, there is no guarantee about the information supplied. It’s best you take all this info with a pinch of salt. To download the latest APK, you can visit the APKMirror.com or any other trusted mirror sites.


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