Android is all about apps, but more importantly, it’s about Google apps. Google offers all its apps and services for free, and Android is free because Google gets to promote its apps. But that’s not a criticism, as Google apps are some of the best we have in the smartphone world. Be it Gmail, Drive, or Photos, Google apps are simple and powerful.

When talking about Google apps, you certainly cannot miss the actual Google App, the Google Search App. That’s what Google is famous for, right? The Google App for Android is the best search app ever. You can just search anything on the web right from your Home screen. Without Google Now enabled, you can just perform a voice search by saying “Ok Google” and saying what you want to search.

google app apk download
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The Google App APK has got tons of features, which is why it is updated regularly to keep the bugs out and to make the app more stable. The latest Google App APK download file carries version number with build number 300682588. The APK file weighs 41.18 MB and works on Android 4.1 or later.

The new Google App APK update is a stable build. You can either get it from the Play Store or can download Google App APK latest version from


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