No matter where you go, as long as your Android smartphone is with you with a working mobile data or WiFi connection, you are just a few taps away from Google. The search engine is no longer a search engine limited to PCs and has swiftly made its way into the smartphone world with deep integration. Thanks to the developers behind the free Google app for Android, users can access Google services from anywhere using their smartphones.

google search app for android

As you would have noticed, most of the smartphones (if not all) nowadays come with a Google search bar on the home screen itself. You can perform quick searches from there, and it works with Google Now too. So you can perform voice searches too either by tapping the mic icon or by saying “OK Google” (you need to configure it first). You are displayed the latest information for your search term, and you can browse through News, Images, Videos, and more of the matter you are searching for.

Android being Google’s most successful product ever, the developers keep the Google app updated with the latest fixes and enhancements, and new features are added every now and then. A new Google APK update has been released today and is 34.99 MB in size. It works on Android 4.4 and above, and does not carry a changelog. So we don’t know what new it brings for the users. Though it’s still good to get the update so that the app runs smooth as ever.

You can download Google APK free from the Play Store or mirror sites like


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