The Google app comes integrated with all Android smartphones and gives you the best way to search for things you want to know about. From word definitions, online shopping, and flight tickets to latest videos and celebrity controversies, you get what you want right on your Android device with just a few taps. You can even perform voice searches, and you are provided with personalized search results based on your location.

google apk

The Google APK for Android smartphones and tablets has just received a new update today. The app has been bumped up to version now. The latest Google APK download file weighs 32.33 MB and works with all Android 4.4 or later devices. This release brings speed and reliability improvements, but so far, we haven’t noticed any new features in it.

Before you search for this update in the Google Play Store, let us tell you that this is a beta release. This means that you won’t find it on the Play Store, as betas are not allowed there. However, you can download Google APK for Android from

Before you install this on your device, do note that beta builds are not completely stable and may cause issues. They might come with bugs and result in constant reboots, crashes, battery drainage, etc. But there’s nothing to worry about. If you encounter such problems, just reinstall the stable version of the app from the Google Play Store.


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