Thanks to the Google app for Android, users can enjoy the free and the fastest search service in the world. The app lets you search the web quickly from anywhere with your tablet or phone. You can do voice searches, get personalized search results, and much more.

google search app for android

The Google app APK keeps receiving minor updates every other day, and it has just received one a day ago. The latest Google app APK comes with version number and build 300612198. The Google 5.10 APK download file weighs 28.69 MB and is compatible with all Android 4.4+ devices.

Let’s get to the changes now. Frankly speaking, you won’t notice any new additions to the app except for one. The generic loading spinner in the Google Now on Tap (in Android Marshmallow) has got replaced with a new loading animation while the app analyses the content on the screen. It contains a cycle of icons like a phone receiver, a knife and fork, a musical note, etc. Though this is not a huge change, it is worth noticing.

Other than the above mentioned minor but nice aesthetic change, the app does not come with any new features. A few users have reported that they are experiencing battery drainage due to this new update, but many users believe that a reinstall solves the problem. You can download Google 5.10 APK from the below-mentioned download link.


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