Wearable market is getting big. Really big. And it has so far been dominated by smart watches. Apple Watch series have been embraced by many wearable tech enthusiasts. Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 have also become popular. And now, Google wants to revolutionize the wearable OS space by collaborating with Cronologics.

image source: androidauthority

In case you haven’t heard about Cronologics, don’t worry. Cronologics was started in 2014 as a platform for smart, diverse smartwatches. It developed the OS for CoWatch. By collaborating with Google, the platform now wants to help grow the portfolio of watches powered by Android Wear. The website landing page reads –

“We started Cronologics in 2014 as a platform for smart, diverse smartwatches. Today, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our journey — we are joining Google to help grow the portfolio of watches powered by Android Wear. We see strong alignment with Android Wear’s mission and look forward to working with our new colleagues at Google to continue pushing the frontier of wearable technology and smartwatches with Android Wear 2.0 and beyond. We’ve been so proud and privileged to build Cronologics and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in our journey. We’ve loved working with you, and we look forward to new opportunities to serve you and partner with you in our new life at Google.”

It looks like Google wants to strike back. Android Wear has failed to compete with the likes of WatchOS and Samsung Gear. And it intends to set that right by collaborating with Cronologics. Google turned smartphone space around by launching Google Pixel with the all-powerful Google Assistant. Google is expected to launch Android Wear 2.0 next year.  Will Google and Cronologics succeed in making Android Wear the most preferred choice?

  • ChrisLaarman

    Hope This Helps! 🙂

    However, judging from the Android Wear subreddit (and the Apple Watch one), I fear that far too few people are interested in the new possibilities for Google to stay involved in smartwatches for another one or two years.

    If users seem hardly interested in features beyond managing workout data and showing off (bands and watch faces), however legitimate uses, what profit could be in it for Google – or for app developers?

    That would leave Samsung as the major competitor for Apple in the smartwear field, but I wonder if Samsung has a roadmap (even a clue) of where it wants to go with Tizen. What independent developer would want to be on that bandwagon?

    However, if Google were to release some Pixel smartwatch featuring the new possibilities, then it might interest more people in using smartwatches beyond fitness and showing off. And if just one percent of Android users should also be an Android Wear user…