Good Lock is a popular app that replaces your stock lock screen on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Thanks to Samsung’s efforts, the app has become very improved and is constantly receiving updates after user feedbacks. Good Lock APK updates are released regularly, and one update has been released today itself.

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The latest Good Lock update comes with version number 24.0.11 and build number 240011. The new Good Lock 24.0.11 APK download file is 18.96 MB large in size and works with all Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones running Android 6.0 or later. This new update comes with a lot of changes.

First of all, the new Good Lock APK comes with support for QuickConnect for the Galaxy Note5. Note that this is a beta feature as of now and may be buggy. Meanwhile, a lot of bugs have been fixed, all listed below. You can download Good Lock APK latest version from

Bug fixes in good Lock 24.0.11:

Fixed empty sound path in Quick Connect Bar
– Fixed some issues of Lockscreen Widget List
– Fixed not working “OK” button on Safety Warning popup of hearing
– Fixed display issue of Multi SIM Manager in Notification Panel
– Fixed not launching proper Alarm App when touching Alarm in Quick Settings
– Fixed issue that unlock the Lockscreen when long press back key
– Fixed display issue of Notification Panel when Headup (Low Battery) or Category Notification appear
– Fixed not working MultiWindow by using Notification after re-boot
– Fixed SystemUI re-start issues
* FC when using LED cover (S7)
* FC when entering Routine setting
* FC after re-boot device
* FC when using Samsung OTG Adapter
* FC when selecting BT device in Quick Connect Bar
* FC when checking Quick Settings
* FC when entering Recent Apps
* FC when checking Headup Notification
* FC when using Feedback


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