Let’s take a look at Norse mythology and how it might relate to everything we know so far about God of War. We will also go over all of the information that we have been given so far. Our main goal with this article is to paint a picture of the world that we’ll be exploring in this game. Cory Barlog said that less than 1% of the game was shown at E3 and there were plenty of hints in the demo that there is much more out there which we’ll take a look at. There will be spoilers for a lot of the things that have happened in the God of War games since there is a lot going on with Kratos, his family legacy and how this might translate into Norse mythology.

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Some interesting speculations have emerged regarding the plot of the new God of War

The most important question is whether he will be able to use his blade like in the previous God of War games. He lost the blades at the end of God of War 3. So no, he won’t have them. But we’re sure there will be plenty of cool weapons to compensate for that. The blades have basically been the weapon icon of this game. So, maybe we get to see them as bonus weapons in the game?

Remember that he lost all weapons at the same place, so why would he take only the boots? In fact, the blades have history, he could just choose to not take them, it would make sense, and he could be using them in the gameplay if he had it. Or simply found it not necessary for the moment. Anyways, we are going to see it one wy or another. But for us, the blades are Kratos’ mark and we will be disappointed if they’re out.

Kratos was supposed to have a daughter and not a son

It was also rumored that Kratos was supposed to have a daughter. Aries manipulated events and Kratos accidentally ended up killing his daughter and wife. The oracle then used magic to put their ashes on Kratos making him the ghost of Sparta. The White on his skin is actually ash and the tattoo is a tribute to his dead brother who was naturally born with the tattoo. That’s why he worked for the gods so they could remove these memories of his family but he was made the god of war instead.

After that, you have the ghost of Sparta where his mother and brother are revealed as well as their story. In the chains of Olympus, he bargains the chance to be with his daughter over the service of the gods in hopes they will help him. But since they changed the creative director in GoW 2 all that is thrown out and he now has a different kid, just like that.


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