It’s strange that Santa Monica, the studio behind the PlayStation exclusive God of War series, is suddenly looking for a lighting artist and animator right after showcasing their game at E3. Could this be a sign of trouble ahead? We can only speculate. At the moment it appears the studio is looking for new talent to join their development team.

via itechpost
via itechpost

God of War for the PS4 is a departure from previous God of War games and takes heavy inspiration from Last of Us and is based around Norse Mythology. Santa Monica advertised the position on twitter with a screenshot and gif from the game.

The ad for the Lighting Artist states:

“This individual will contribute to the artistic vision of amazing, top of class games with a specialized focus on creating realistic and fantastical lighting of characters and environments. As a Lighting Artist, you must possess the ability to effectively collaborate with the Art Director and Game Director to light game levels that are visually stunning while also working with a wide range of development team members to ensure technical feasibility.”

The animator ad states the qualified person must have the skill of “animating and breathing life into the performances of our characters and game world.”

God of War release date has yet to be announced. Players can enjoy the remastered version while they wait for the new game. For more news regarding God of War and Sony’s other console-exclusive titles, stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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