Now that the gameplay trailer for the newest God of War has been out for a while, people have started to unveil more secrets. Here we will go through all of them and let you know our thoughts on them.

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God Of War possible gameplay features revealed

First of all, it has been pointed out that there is a spirit or wraith that appears at a certain point in the trailer, and disappears as soon as you get close to it. This is most likely a vǫrðr, vǫrðr means warden or watcher, and it is a spirit that was believed to follow you from the moment of birth, to death. It was also believed that they sometimes showed themselves, either as a light or in the shape of a person.

This might be the boy’s watcher. We do not think the watcher is tied to Kratos, seeing as he is not from this mythology, but it is still possible, and we don’t know for sure whether it is a watcher, or just a regular enemy.

Relation between Kratos and the boy

The developers have stated that it is not Kratos that is getting knowledge, but knowledge that he is passing down to his son. The director of the game, Cory Barlog has said that Kratos is teaching his son how to become a god, and the son is teaching Kratos how to become more human.

After Kratos and his son have defeated the troll, they discover a new location, and if we look to the top left in the trailer, we see a flying creature with a weapon. At first, many thought this was the dragon that we saw later in the trailer. As we can see it is glowing and we think its safe to assume that they have magical powers of some sort. So far we have not heard or seen much about this creature. Maybe it’s not a creature from Norse myth at all, but the Greek Mythology bleeding into Norse Mythology?

Some new details have been announced for the game. The game will not feature a multiplayer as of now but developers might add it into the future, maybe that’s the reason for the delay? It has also been confirmed that Kratos’ ass kicking days are not over after this game, as the new God of War will not be Kratos’ last game.


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