Back in January, we have reported that God of War might not get released this year. At the time, Sony has just released its lineup of exclusive games for the PS4. And on the said list, God of War was not included along with other big titles like Last of Us 2. Because of this, fans of the hack and slash action-adventure game were a bit disappointed. Now, it seems like a tides have turned and it looks like the game might get released pretty soon.

God of War release date leaked by Portuguese gaming retailer

Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay has posted a placeholder for the upcoming God of War title for the PS4. What is more interesting is that the placeholder includes a reservation button that has a date on it. The reservation button says the supposed date of release is the 14th of September. However, it should be noted that the website has included a “TBC” or “to be confirmed” right next to the date.

Unfortunately, there is no way of confirming this rumor. The information posted is, in fact, just a placeholder. It is not clear whether the retailer got the information directly from the game developer or Sony. That is why, fans and readers alike are urged to take this with a grain of salt.

God of War release date leaked by Portuguese gaming retailer

On the other hand, it was revealed last February that the voice actor, Christopher Judge, who plays as Kratos in the game somehow accidentally let slip the year of release for the game. In his Twitter bio, Judge has added his credential as the voice actor the character. Furthermore, he also indicated the year next to the game title which further alludes to the possible 2017 release of the new God of War.

At the moment, development of the game is still ongoing. In fact, the game’s creative director commented on Twitter that the game is looking better every day.


Are you excited for the new God of War game? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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